HTC Aero rumoured as new flagship for Autumn

A familiar source is back to tip a new HTC handset

A brand new HTC flagship smartphone is on the horizon, at least, that's what ex-tech leaker Evleaks claims. The once-prolific Twitter tipster has come out of retirement to namedrop the HTC Aero, which is apparently due to launch this Autumn.

Tech journalism suffered a major blow when Evan Blass a.k.a @evleaks left his infamous Twitter account and decided it was time to put his leaking days behind him. However earlier this week, Blass returned to tip the HTC Aero, which he claims is the company's next high-end device.

'Aero' is clearly an internal code-name, so we still don't know what moniker the next flagship will bear, but Blass says the new device will be revealed this Autumn. That's all the information we've got on this one for now, with no hardware or software details to share just yet. But with its rumoured release date not far away, we expect to hear more in the next few weeks.

At the start of June HTC CEO Cher Wang told investors that the company would be launching a new 'hero' phone in October. And although she didn't drop any hints, it seems very likely that she was referring to the Aero.

It will certainly be interesting to see what HTC has in store for the Aero, although one thing we do expect is a new design from the Taiwanese company. While we had a lot of love the HTC One M9 (we have it 4/5 stars in our hands-on review), we felt that its design was too similar to the previous One M8 and One M7. Maybe HTC will break the mold with the Aero? We for one hope so.

Since the One M9 launch, HTC has reshuffled some of its top players, including a new CEO and a new VP of industrial design. If that doesn't pave the way for a complete design overhaul, then I don't know what will.

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