How to play the awesome Stranger Things game on your Google Home

Get talking to Dustin on the walkie talkie to help the Hawkins gang, hurry

If you’ve already binge watched Stranger Things 2 this weekend and you’ve played through the iOS and Android game, then you’ll be in need of another fix. Google Home to the rescue with a new game that’s based on voice interactions.

The Stranger Things game for Google Home and Google Home Mini let’s you start talking to Dustin from the game as if you were on walkie talkies, just like in the show. It’s probably best that you watch the latest Stranger Things 2 first, to avoid anything even close to spoilers. Then to start playing the game simply say to your Google Home or Home Mini “Hey Google, talk to Dustin from Stranger Things.”

You’ll then get the response from Dustin saying “Hello? This is Dustin. I found something…” It is then up to you to engage in talkative back and forth to try and help him find what he needs. The game will take twists and turns as you talk to the other characters from the show in the attempt to ultimately help them unravel the latest mystery taking place in Hawkins.

The game is free for Google Home and Home Mini owners and can be played by anyone. We say anyone, this is available for the UK, US and Australia at time of publishing. Interested in giving the challenge a go? Grab your “flashlight”, fill your bag with “chocolate pudding” and head to Hawkins, after watching the cool intro trailer below of course.

Stranger Things: The Game is a free iOS and Android must

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