The best Velvetiser deals for May 2022

Take your hot chocolate to the next level with the latest deals on the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser

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Looking to save some money on the ultimate hot chocolate maker? The Velvetiser Hot Chocolate Maker from Hotel Chocolat is the best machine to make delicious, smooth and luxurious hot chocolate.

Since it's release in 2018, the Velvetiser has been in high demand ever since it's launch. We’ve been searching around to find the best price on this coveted gadget… and we’ve found a huge range of deals for you to take advantage of today. The very best deal you'll find is from the Hotel Chocolat store and website as explained below.

Get the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser at £49.95 with a refill subscription

If you sign up to a 6 or 12 month Velvetiser refill subscription at Hotel Chocolat, you can get £50 off the cost of the Velvetiser, taking it down to just £49.95. This is the cheapest we've ever seen the Velvetiser anywhere, including other retailers.

For even more discounts, you can also sign up to the Hotel Chocolat VIP.Me reward scheme for exclusive offers, rewards and previews, plus 15% off your next order in store or online.

For more deals on the Velvetiser (and previous ones that could be a sign for what's to come in the future) keep reading.

The best Velvetiser deals now live

The Velvetiser Hot Chocolate Maker: was £99.95, now £49.95 at Hotel Chocolat

The Velvetiser Hot Chocolate Maker: was £99.95, now £49.95 at Hotel Chocolat
Engineered with Dualit, the Velvetiser Hot Chocolate Maker makes smooth whipped hot chocolate. Sign up to a 6 or 12 month Velvetiser refill subscription and knock £50 off the price of the Velvetiser. Customise your refill subscription with different flavours and enjoy.

The Velvetiser Hot Chocolate Maker: was £110, now £94.99 at Costco

The Velvetiser Hot Chocolate Maker: was £110, now £94.99 at Costco
If you're a Costco member, you can get £15 off the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser. Includes the Velvetiser, two cups and 10 chocolate sachets.

The Velvetiser Hot Chocolate Maker: was £110, now £69.99 at eBay

The Velvetiser Hot Chocolate Maker: was £110, now £69.99 at eBay
Available on eBay, the Velvetiser Hot Chocolate machine and cups set is just £69.99. This model has been professional refurbished and has a 12 month warranty. It may have a few minor marks on it but it's the real deal and still in good condition. eBay have multiple Velvetiser models available, from £45 up to £85.

Previous deals on the Velvetiser

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021, Lakeland cut the price of their Velvetiser set by £15.01. The set consisted of a Velvetiser, two cups and 10 sachets of hot chocolate at just £94.99 at Lakeland.

Amazon regularly runs deals on the Velvetiser in a set like the one mentioned above from Lakeland. At Amazon, the Velvetiser dropped to as low as £89.99 and also dropped to the same price at Currys.

Available for Costco members only, Costco has previously offered the Velvetiser starter kit for £86.89, much cheaper than the original price. This deal was online but could also be found in Costco stores. Similarly, the Velvetiser was spotted in Morrison shops at just £59, so it's always a good idea to check your local supermarkets for Velvetiser deals.

The lowest price we've ever seen the Velvetiser go to is £49.95 at Hotel Chocolat when you sign up for the refill subscription so we recommend you take advantage of that.

We'll be keeping an eye on the Velvetiser all year round to help you find the best deal on it so stay tuned for regular updates.

Why you should buy the Velvetiser

Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser

(Image credit: Hotel Chocolat)

For barista-grade hot chocolate, the Velvetiser Hot Chocolate Maker makes indulgent hot chocolate in just 2 and a half minutes. Using flakes of real chocolate from Hotel Chocolat, add this and your choice of milk or water to the Velvetiser and let it do its thing! The innovative velvetising process whips up your drink to make rich and fluffy cloud-like drinks.

Choose from four colours, including charcoal, copper, platinum and the stellar white. The Velvetiser has a great handle so whether you’re right or left handed, you can pour drinks easily. It’s extremely stylish and takes up minimal space in your kitchen. It can sit next to your kettle or you can tidy it away neatly and compactly. 

The starter kit bundles come with two cups and 10 hot chocolate sachets. The flavours include milky, salted caramel, classic, hazelnut, orange, chilli, ginger, mint, vanilla, white and 85% dark. On both UK and US Hotel Chocolat websites, you can buy the Velvetiser on its own or as part of a bundle, with different flavours and liqueurs.

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