How to get Android Auto, Google Maps and Waze in a Tesla

This simple hack gives you access to Google's services in your Tesla

Tesla dashboard
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One of the best things about Tesla's cars are the large infotainment systems sitting in the middle of them – they're futuristic and forced the entire industry to re-think cabin design. 

You'd think this giant Tesla screen and Google's Android Auto would be a match made in heaven, but, unfortunately, Tesla prefers its drivers to be locked into its own in-house operating system.

Thankfully a recent application released by the developer of the already popular AAWireless has found a way for the two systems to work in perfect harmony.

The new app is called TeslAA and it allows you to run Android Auto in a Tesla using the browser connection. So, for it to work you first need to install the mobile application from the Google Play Store, then connect your smartphone to the Bluetooth system in the car. Then you need to create a mobile hotspot on the phone and connect the Tesla to it.

Finally, you'll need to head over to a TeslAA website from the car’s browser and Android Auto will run on the large display.

Once the site is open, it'll run just like any other Android Auto unit, letting you run Google Maps, Waze, YouTube Music, Spotify et al.

Now, obviously, this clearly isn't the most streamlined or convenient method for opening Android Auto – certainly not as simple as plugging your phone in (which is how pretty much every other Android Auto system works).

If you really dislike Tesla's OS, really love Android Auto and Google Maps, or just like tinkering, we'd say it's definitely worth a try.

If you want a completely smooth experience then you might want to wait until a few bugs are ironed out, as there is currently a list of known issues. For example, the performance will suffer greatly if you’re not using a high-end Android device.

And, more seriously, if you also charge your phone wirelessly while running the app, then your phone is at serious risk of overheating.

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