Android Auto finally rolls out an essential new user feature

Enhanced functionality is at the heart of Google's latest move

Android Auto
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Android Auto keeps your car connected at all times – and it’s now set to offer even more in the way of communication. Thanks to a handy new update, Android Auto will now support dual-SIM, letting users select which SIM card they prefer to send messages or make calls.

Prior to this, Android Auto didn’t offer dual-SIM support, forcing the driver to use the default SIM card whenever the driver wanted to make a call. 

The new update should be arriving over the coming weeks, with users then given the ability to choose their desired SIM card when making calls from the best Android Auto head unit setups inside of their vehicles.

Although this hasn’t been confirmed yet, the feature is expected to be compatible with “both standard SIM cards and eSIM,” according to the folks over at Auto Evolution.

Similarly, Android Auto is also set to receive an expanded suite of options when choosing what profile is used when motoring. Users can now select from between a personal profile or a work profile, which lets drivers take care of business when on the road.

Google is constantly refreshing Android Auto, with the service now optimized for right-hand drive vehicles and with significant user issues being addressed by the search giant. 

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