Horizon Forbidden West new PS5 trailer teases a major Matrix star

Sony premieres new story trailer and reveals gorgeous new artwork

Horizon Forbidden West art
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Sony has just premiered a new trailer for Horizon Forbidden West, giving us another glimpse at Aloy's next adventure. But buried within the footage is a new mysterious character, who has now been confirmed to be played by The Matrix star Carrie-Anne Moss.

As revealed by Guerrilla Games senior writer Annie Kitain (via Game Informer), the new character, known as Tilda, has received voice work and motion capture by Moss. The mysterious figure is seen sporting a white and gold outfit at the end of the three-minute video. 

Alongside this, the new action-packed story trailer shows off lots of the Forbidden West environment in quite some detail, while also giving us a look at new foes and returning friends from the first game, Horizon Zero Dawn. We also see Aloy struggling with the outbreak of a mysterious plague that looks to be killing off all life it infects. Check out the new trailer for yourself below: 

"She is a mysterious and complicated character with a special connection to the ancient past," said Kitain, speaking on the inclusion of Tilda.  "She's someone who we look forward to players unravelling the secret of what she's all about." 

Moss most recently appeared in The Matrix Awakens tech demo from Epic Games, once again suiting up as Trinity. Prior to this, the actor appeared in multiple Mass Effect entries as Aria T'Loak, so clearly she's no stranger to the world of video games. Of course, neither is Moss's Matrix colleague, Keanu Reeves, who appeared as Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077 back in 2020.

Carrie-Anne Moss The Matrix premiere

Carrie-Anne Moss at the Matrix Resurrections premiere

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It was further confirmed that Angela Bassett (Black Panther, America Horror Story) would voice a new antagonist called Regalla. She previously appeared in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege as Aurelia Arnot / Six.

Horizon Forbidden West will launch exclusively on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on February 18th, 2022. That said, a build of the highly anticipated title has already leaked, so make sure to watch out for spoilers. 

You can now read T3's official Horizon Forbidden West review to see what we thought of the game – spoilers, we liked it. 

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