The Horizon Forbidden West update I've wanted on PS5 since launch is here

Almost 60 issues fixed across PS5 and PS4 that were prevalent at launch

Aloy on a charger looking over a beach with machines in Horizon Forbidden West
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Update: Horizon Forbidden West has now received another patch (1.08) that addresses even more bugs for the open world PS5 game. The biggest of which looks to improve upon its graphics and performance as a whole.

As confirmed by developer Guerrilla Games (via Reddit), the 35 new fixes are split across main quests (seven), side quests (six), world activities (four), UI/UX (one), graphics (four), performance and stability (four), and other (nine). This, hopefully, will all go towards making the experience better for players. 

Original Story: Horizon Forbidden West has received a major update that has eradicated nearly 60 bugs and issues to help better the game's stability, graphics, UI and overall performance. 

As outlined in T3's Horizon Forbidden West review, the biggest element that took away from the Sony blockbuster were the numerous bugs, such as camera glitches, surfaces stuck in walls and AIs not reacting correctly. The latest update, known as Patch 1.07, looks to address some of these issues, making for an overall better experience. 

In total, Guerrilla Games has addressed 57 bugs, split across main quests (seven), side quests (six), world activities (11), UI/UX (three), graphics (nine), performance and stability (four), photo mode (nine) and other (eight). The full breakdown from Guerrilla Games can be found in a Reddit post on the Horzion subreddit.  

The biggest upgrade looks to have improved performance across both the PS5 and PS4 versions, with the likes of vegetation in the open world receiving "multiple tweaks" to help with image quality in Performance Mode. As someone that has played dozens of hours of Horizon, I can confirm the number of plant life is a bit much so this should make the visuals a little less distracting. I can now spend more time being entranced by the next-gen water

In the meantime, the developer is still looking into known issues regarding "Firegleam icons" that are not being removed from the map after interacting with them as well as a number of graphical issues, including screen saturation and sharpening. Guerrilla Games has asked fans to provide feedback from their experience with the game to help improve the game further. 

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