Honor Magic V2 foldable gets IFA headline alongside wearable phone concept

Honor kicked off the IFA show in Berlin with its slimmest foldable phone and a rather unique V Purse concept

Honor V Purse with model
(Image credit: Future)

Honor used the keynote of the IFA show in Berlin to showcase its latest flagship foldable phone the Honor Magic V2 for the first time, and introduce a new wearable phone concept called the V Purse. 

While the Magic V2 launched in Beijing back in July 2023, this is its first appearance in Europe and is expected to go on sale in the UK and other markets later this year. The dual-screen, inwardly folding device replaces the company's original folding phone, the Magic V and is the lightest and thinnest model to date and just 9.9mm (4.7mm unfolded) and 231g.

It features a 7.92-inch OLED display with 120Hz on the inside and a 6.43-inch OLED on the outside, also with 120Hz. On the back, the triple array camera module includes a 50MP wide and ultra-wide, plus a 20MP telephoto. There are also two 16MP front cameras (depending on if the phone is folded or unfolded) for selfie or video call use.  

Details on exact pricing and availability are still to be confirmed but having had a quick play with the phone at the show, I can't wait to delve deeper into the handset. 


Honor Magic V2

(Image credit: Future)

Magic V Purse concept

When does a smartphone become a wearable? The Honor V Purse is a phone-to-purse concept that through a series of interchangeable clip-on straps and chains and an always-on display, the phone becomes a fashion item. 

Honor says the V Purse can "help environmentally conscious consumers to cut down on their consumption of fast fashion, and more importantly, it helps the fashion world embrace new technologies in order to encourage consumers to buy less, and use for longer."

This is a foldable device with a clutch-like release that mirrors a fashion purse. The screen can also mirror the materials and textures of a purse too, making it look much like a bag. You can personalise the displays both sides of the device, and the strap to match your outfit or mood. 

In the keynote presentation, the sample purse displays included interactive designs that move when you move the phone. This included a virtual chain with lockets on it, glistening reflections or even cute animals. 

While you might not be able to squeeze your lippy and keys inside it, the device certainly looks the part, and that's surely the main thing? At least you won't have to worry if your phone fits in it! It's not clear at this stage if the V Purse will ever go into production but it proves Honor is pushing the envelope of what a phone can be.

Honor V Purse

(Image credit: Honor)
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