Hive View is the stylish smart camera to make your home safer

Watch out Nest Cam, Hive View is gunning for you

Hive smart home heating is already in plenty of homes but its standard Hive Camera didn’t offer more than the competition in the Nest Cam, until now. Hive View is here to enhance the Hive smart home ecosystem.

Hive View is an indoor camera that connects to your home Wi-Fi network allowing you to check it from anywhere using your smartphone. The View follows the original Hive Camera but takes functionality and style to the next level.

While in the home it should be a talking point thanks to the design of this cube camera that can be removed from the wall, shelf or magnet mount options, to work wherever it’s needed. That means HD video streams, person detection and camera history accessible via the Hive app.

The Hive View activates on recognition of movement or sound before sending a notification to the account holder’s phone. This can also be set to only go off on recognition of a person — ideal for a home with pets where the user doesn’t want to be pestered with notifications — something Nest is yet to offer.

Up to 24-hours of video can be viewed free of charge but if you want to get more you’ll have to shell out £5 per month for a membership to get a 30 day history. These charges are pretty standard for smart camera systems these days.

The Hive View is available to buy now starting at £189 for the camera in either black or white or £319 for a two camera pack. There is also the option to pay £30 per month to get the Hive Close to Home plan that includes Hive View, two Hive Active Lights, two Hive Window or Door sensors, a Hive Active Plug and 30-day cloud storage.

Luke Edwards

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