Here's how to get up to £600 off the best Samsung TVs in 2022

You should seriously consider trading in your old TV to get even bigger discounts

Samsung QN90A
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If you're looking for deals on the best TVs I'm sure you've spent time looking at the various discounts offered by manufacturers and retailers; we track them on our best buy guides to help you get the best price. But there's another way to get a big chunk of money off your next TV, especially if you're buying a good one: trading in.

Here's a good example: the Samsung QN800B Neo QLED is one of the best 8K TVs you can buy, and it has a hefty price tag – it's currently £3,999 at Samsung UK for the 65-inch model – but Samsung will offer you up to £500 when you trade in your current television. And that's over and above any discount code, so for example as I write this Samsung's doing a weekend flash sale offering 10% off with the code TVFLASH10.

How much can you expect to get when you trade in your TV?

That depends on the TV you're buying and the TV you're trading in. The biggest trade-ins are against the most expensive TVs – up to £600 off a 2022 Neo QLED 8k, £500 off a Neo QLED 4K and £250 off a 2021 model; you can get up to £200 off The Frame 2022 and £50 off a 2021 Neo QLED 4K. Samsung will also collect and recycle your old TV for free.

Samsung has helpfully listed all of the TVs it's currently accepting trade-ins for.

The catch? There isn't one. You're not going to be offered serious money for something seriously old, but if you're replacing a fairly recent and decent TV you should get a reasonable sum off your fancy new Samsung. And let's face it, it's a lot easier than putting your old telly on Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace.

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