Headset tester said to be "blown away" by Apple's Reality Pro

Apple's AR/VR headset has made a "giant" leap in the last few months, a respected leaker says

Apple AR headset render
(Image credit: AppleInsider)

Apple's forthcoming Reality Pro AR/VR headset has made a "giant" developmental leap in the last few months, according to an anonymous tester of the much-hyped headset. The leaker says it's gone from "underwhelming" to "take my money!"

That's according to well-known leaker Evan Blass, who says his source has had several opportunities to use demos of the headset. "The leap they've made since last year is giant," the leaker told Glass. 

I hope he's right, because with a rumoured price tag of around $3,000 this headset needs to be something truly special. 

What are the latest Apple AR/VR headset rumours?

According to well-connected Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, the Apple AR/VR headset will feature pretty much everything imaginable from Apple Books to Apple Fitness+. There will be versions of the Safari browser and Apple Music; Apple News and Apple Weather; a version of FaceTime, and a version of Apple TV too. As a rule of thumb, if it's on your iPhone or iPad and it's made by Apple, there's an AR/VR version of it.

Apple apparently sees its Freeform whiteboard and collaboration app as a key selling point for the first generation of its headset, and FaceTime will offer 3D meeting rooms for group chats. Hopefully it'll be more successful than Meta's Horizon Worlds. 

Despite the price tag I'm still excited about this device; while it's not on my shopping list for the foreseeable future – I'll wait for the more affordable version we know Apple is working on for next year – Apple has a long track record of getting tech right after other firms have tried and failed. I suspect the end result is going to make Mark Zuckerberg say some very bad words.

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