Harley Quinn-led Suicide Squad game is more Batman: Arkham – and I can't wait

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is slated for 2022

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Over the weekend, DC FanDome took place, with those tuning in getting a new look at Rocksteady's upcoming action-adventure shooter game – Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. A game that upon release will be seven years in the making, following the conclusion of the Batman: Arkham trilogy in 2015 with Batman: Arkham Knight.

Rocksteady breathed new life into the Dark Knight for the video games space, creating three superb titles and one equally fantastic VR experience. The British developer has now turned their attention towards the Suicide Squad, a group that has gained huge traction in recent years. 

A big part of this is Harley Quinn being made a household name, appearing in three films (portrayed by Margot Robbie), leading her own animated series (voiced by Kaley Cuoco – well worth a watch), as well as being cosplayed endlessly. The Arkham games themselves helped bring Harley more to the masses too, with a bigger role throughout the trilogy. 

In fact, Suicide Squad looks to build off what Arkham City already established in 2011 – coincidentally, the game celebrated its 10th anniversary on October 18th. Arkham City was a huge leap for the genre, not only holding up as one of the best superhero games but one of the best games period. This was the first time Rocksteady attempted an open world, only expanding further in Arkham Knight and now looking to unleash in full for Suicide Squad. 

First revealed at last year's event, the newest in-engine trailer gives us more of an idea of what fans can expect. We already were aware that it's canonically set within the Arkham-verse, however, the opening few seconds of the trailer confirmed that more so with armoured cars driving towards Arkham Asylum just as the titular game itself did back in 2009.

 Check out thew new trailer for yourself below: 

Starring Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and Killer Shark, players will utilise the squd of four to take down the Justice League, which was confirmed to include Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and The Flash. 

Tonally, it's set to be a lot less serious than the Arkham games, with comedy now a big focus. It's still likely to be quite the spectacle. Rocksteady knows how to create a compelling superhero game and everything here looks to back that up that the developer hasn't lost its touch. 

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is slated for a 2022 release across PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows. Whether it makes that date is yet to be seen, as Warner Bros. already has Gotham Knights lined up for 2022 as well. Personally, I can see this getting delayed reasonably soon. 

There's just not a chance WB would want to launch two superhero games in the world of Batman a few months apart. Each needs time to breathe and will likely come out in the summer window. It will be worth the wait, though if this comes true, this will make it more than eight years since a Rocksteady release. Incredible to think. 

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