DC FanDome: The Batman, Flash, Suicide Squad, and everything else we're excited for

Robert Pattinson, Michael Keaton, and Ben Affleck! Batman's galore!

DC FanDome 2021
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It's the most wonderful time of the year for DC fans. Yes, DC FanDome is back again to premiere world-first trailers, show off gameplay, and give sneak peeks at the biggest projects all surrounding the DC and its ever-growing roster of superheroes.

2020 marked the inception of DC FanDome, where we were treated to looks at The Batman, Wonder Woman 1984, The Suicide Squad, Zack Snyder's Justice League, and more. This year looks to be bigger than ever with more footage set to debut across everything from film and TV to video games and comics throughout 2022 and beyond.

With that, let's break down the five most exciting properties that are said to turn up. Of course, these sorts of events are built on big surprises so there's a good chance Warner Bros. will drop some major unexpected news during DC FanDome. Not long now!

The Flash – November 4th, 2022  

Okay, let's kick off with The Flash. Last time, the film hadn't even begun filming so this year we're due to see a trailer. The flick is set to star Ezra Miller reprising his role as Barry Allen, and while the first-ever live-action Flash is enough to get excited about on its own, it's his co-stars that could really make this movie unforgettable. 

Namely, we have Ben Affleck coming back as Batman in some capacity, Sasha Calle debuting as Supergirl, and most importantly - wait for it - only Michael Keaton making his glorious return as the Dark Knight too. This truly is the best timeline. 

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – 2022 

Batman: Arkham maker Rocksteady hasn't released a new game since 2015's Arkham Knight. Six years! Finally, at last year's event, we got the first teaser for its next project - Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League - with Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and Killer Shark all confirmed as playable characters. 

Already, the studio has been sharing promo shots of Task Force X so expected a lot more content this time. If it's anything like the studio's reputation, we're in for something special here. 

Black Adam – July 29th, 2022 

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson leading a superhero film!? It had to happen sooner or later. Actually, Johnson had shown interest in a Black Adam film (villain to Shazam) as early as 2007, so here's hoping it's been worth the wait. 

It's a fair assumption to think we'll be getting the first trailer here, alongside some inspiring words from the man himself. Pierce Brosnan will also appear as Doctor Fate, another popular DC character that has me particularly invested. Expect lots of muscle-fit grey shirts too. 

Gotham Knights – 2022 

Bruce Wayne is dead. The Bat is no more. That's the setup for WB Games Montréal's Gotham Knights, which will see players control Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Jason Todd. The first time around, we got an extensive look at gameplay showcasing the new Gotham City as well as an icy encounter with Mr. Freeze. After being delayed from 2021 to 2022, this one feels like we could get something pretty substantial.  

The Batman – March 4th, 2022 

It doesn't get much bigger than this! Anticipation is through the roof for R-Batz's take on the world's greatest detective. This has all been generated from the hugely impressive first trailer that closed out DC FanDome in 2020  – a trailer, that at the time director Matt Reeves said was only made from around 25% of the movie. What does a trailer look like now that filming is complete!? I'm not sure I can take it! 

Undeniably this will be the biggest talking point of the event. Less than six months away from its premiere, The Batman will star Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, Colin Farrel, Andy Serkis, and more. I'm literally counting down the days. 

This isn't even taking into account Peacemaker starring John Cena, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, Superman & Lois, Titans, Doom Patrol, as well as a million other superhero projects. What a time to be alive! 

DC FanDome 2021 will take place on October 16th from 10AM PT / 1PM ET / 5PM BST. The free streaming event can be watched anywhere from DCFanDome.com. Without a doubt, it's Christmas for DC fans and I had a blast last year, so would thoroughly recommend tuning if you have even the slightest of interests.  

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