Guardian iPad app incoming, iPhone app now £3.99 a year

Video content, live footy scores and reader comments

Paywall going up before Christmas with iPhone release.

The Guardian has revealed it is working on a new app for the Apple iPad and updating its iPhone app, to include videos and a live football scores service

The left-leaning broadsheet says the new iPad app is currently in development and is "aiming high and hoping to steal a march on news-oriented apps already available."

The new iPhone app, which is going to cost £3.99 for a year's subscription or £2.99 for six months, will replace the existing offering from The Guardian and will serve up award winning video content and a landscape reading option. As well as the aforementioned live football scores service, there'll be acess to reader comments as well as faster access to blogs.

The Guardian is aiming for a pre-Christmas release for the iPhone app with no news on when the exciting iPad app will arrive. The Guardian Eyewitness app for the Apple tablet has already been a big success.

Link: The Guardian blog