GoPro Max 360 camera launches today: price, release date and top features revealed

GoPro unveils its new flagship 360-degree camera to help you capture EVERYTHING – but it’s a sad day for the GoPro Fusion

GoPro Max 360 camera launches today: price, release date and top features revealed
(Image credit: GoPro)

GoPro has today unveiled a new dual-lens, GPS-enabled 360-degree camera called the GoPro Max, which is available to pre-order now  for £479.99/$499. According to GoPro, the new camera is designed to offer ‘the best stabilisation while maintaining the widest field of view from a GoPro’. The GoPro Max can be used as a waterproof, maximum-stabilised single lens camera, as a dual lens 360-degree camera, or as an enhanced vlogging cam thanks to its built-in front facing display and shotgun-mic audio.

The GoPro Max is also capable of 1080p live streaming, as is the new Hero 8 Black, also announced today, and utilises Reframe, GoPro’s new keyframe-based editing function that enables you to quickly transform 360 footage into a traditional video via the revamped GoPro app.

With GoPro’s new 360-degree camera comes Max HyperSmooth technology, utilising 180-degree capture for ‘unbreakable’ video stabilisation, while in-camera horizon leveling completely eliminates the need for a gimbal. The camera also features Max TimeWarp, which warps time in both 360 and Hero modes. In Hero mode, it adjusts speed based on motion, scene detection and lighting, and can go from slow capture to real-time action with just a tap.

The waterproof (up to 16ft/5m) GoPro Max also features four digital lenses, including a new ultra-wide Max SuperView, which is GoPro’s widest field of view ever. That, plus six microphones with built-in shotgun-mic performance for enhanced 360-degree stereo sound.

According to GoPro, the Max ‘features dual lenses that can be used to singularly capture traditional HERO-style video or simultaneously capture 360 footage.’ You can toggle between these modes and frame up your shot with the 1.7-inch 16:9 touchscreen.

Like the Hero 8 Black and Hero 7 Black, the GoPro Max offers voice control for hands-free filming. It doesn’t sit in the Hero line-up with the aforementioned cameras, but instead stands alone as GoPro’s newest 360 degree camera. GoPro has confirmed that the Max will replace the GoPro Fusion.

GoPro Max 360-degree camera photographed attached to a tripod

(Image credit: GoPro)

Here are the GoPro Max’s key features at a glance: 

  • Max HyperSmooth – delivers next-level stabilisation by using 180° capture
  • In-camera horizon leveling – for a smooth, cinematic look
  • Max TimeWarp – warps time in both 360 and Hero modes
  • Four digital lenses – now easier to select a field of view for your activity
  • Premium image quality – 5.6K30 360 video, 1440p60 and 1080p60 Hero video, 5.5MP Hero photos and 6.2MP PowerPano photos
  • 360 + stereo audio – six mics capture true-to-life 360 audio and deliver stereo sound
  • Directional audio – in Hero mode, prioritise sound from either side of the camera
  • In-camera stitching – offload and edit 360 footage in the revamped GoPro app
  • Reframe + the GoPro App – reframe 360 footage into traditional videos and photos
  • Scene detection – in Hero mode, the GoPro Max can automatically tell if you’re in the water, out in snowfall, and so on

GoPro Max 360-degree camera shown at an angle with the built-in front-facing display switched on

(Image credit: GoPro)

The Max, powered by the GP1 chip, can also take a one-click 270° artifact-free panoramic photo called a PowerPano. This looks especially handy for landscape photography, for larger group photos where you’re cramming many people in, and for dynamic action shots. You can also take a vertical pano when shooting tall objects, with the GoPro Max’s horizon leveling feature ensuring your one-click PowerPanos have a leveled horizon.

When you’re ready to create a 360 edit, you can utilise Reframe via the revamped GoPro app. This new keyframe-based editing function enables you to quickly reframe 360 footage into traditional videos and photos for editing and sharing, which is an incredibly cool feature to have.

Speaking of that revamped GoPro app… it now includes GoPro Quik for more creative editing. The app also supports GoPro and phone content in edits, and enables filters to be applied to single as well as multi-clips.