Google Pixel Watch 2: price, release date, design and features

Everything we know about the latest Google Pixel Watch iteration so far

Google Pixel Watch
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Google's first wearable was the company's worst-kept secret: we knew almost everything about the watch before it got released. They seem to have learned from their mistakes, as little is known about the Google Pixel Watch 2. Whatever is known – and whatever isn't but expected nevertheless – we collected here, along with some predictions of our own.

The Google Pixel Watch made a big splash in 2022 when it was announced. Finally, a worthy opponent to the best Apple Watches and a wearable that might take the crown of best smartwatch! And although it wasn't perfect, the Pixel Watch because the second most popular wearable globally by Q4 2022, not least because of its premium build and Fitbit-backed health and fitness features.

Will Google release a new Pixel Watch in 2023, or will they skip a year to return even stronger in 2024? What feature and design upgrades we're expecting to see on the Google Pixel Watch 2? Here is what we know and hope to see when the new Google wearable is launched.

Google Pixel Watch 2: price and availability

There has only ever been one Google Pixel Watch iteration, so it's difficult to predict how much the Google Pixel Watch 2 will cost. The original comes in two varieties – the Bluetooth/WiFi-only version sells for £339/ $350/ AU$ 549, while the LTE version costs £379/ $400/ AU$ 649.

We expect both the Apple Watch Series 9 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 to increase in price, but it is possible Google will keep the cost of the Google Pixel Watch 2 unchanged to entice more people to buy their wearables. Google may launch the second iteration of the Pixel Watch in multiple sizes, with the larger model costing more (currently, the Pixel Watch is only available in one size).

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When is the Google Pixel Watch 2 out?

While Apple announced a slew of new hardware at WWDC 2023, Google's I/O 2023 presentations didn't include any new wearable announcements, nor did they specify any changes in the WearOS software. A crying shame, as it would have been amazing to see what's coming in WearOS after the Mobvoi TicWatch 5 showcased what the operating system is really capable of should it be supported by a powerful chipset.

Reports are circulating on the internet about the Google Pixel Watch 2 launching in October 2023, along with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. We'll keep our metaphorical eyes peeled to see if any other sources confirm the launch date ahead of time.

Google Pixel Watch 2: design

Apart from a wishlist we collated, little is known about the design and specs of the Google Pixel Watch 2. However, rumour has it that the new Pixel Watch will do away with the Samsung Exynos chip in favour of a Snapdragon W5 series option. This would be a fantastic development, as the new wearable platform does wonders for battery life and is much faster in general.

Multiple case size options are another item on our and many others' wishlists. Currently, the Google Pixel Watch only has one case size (41 mm), and many people with girthier wrists would appreciate a larger 44 mm or 45 mm option. We don't expect a rugged option to be launched in 2023, although, who knows, we might see Google's Apple Watch Ultra alternative cropping up soon.

Google Pixel Watch 2: features

We know little about the upcoming Google Pixel Watch 2 features. However, some outlets suggest that Google might incorporate some of the best Fitbit sensors into the Pixel Watch 2, like the cEDA sensor found on the Fitbit Sense 2. It's also possible that Google will launch the Pixel Watch 2 with dormant features and activate sensors later like they did with Fall Detection on the original Pixel Watch.

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