Google Phone is getting a cool new feature to make you feel like a boss

Having your callers announced to you with Google Phone will make you feel important, unless it’s your mum calling

Google Phone Announce Caller ID
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The Google Phone app now gives you the option to have the caller ID announced when you have an incoming call. While there have been call announcer apps and ways to set up text-to-speech on Android phones for some time, having this function built in to Google’s official phone app is a nice little addition that may save you time and hassle.

If you’re already using the Phone app, you’ll know that it’s a handy tool for avoiding spam calls and screening unknown callers. I also really like its call recording and the hold for me function, which lets Google Assistant take your place in a queue when trying to call an airline or bank.

Originally discovered by XDA Developers, the Announce Caller ID function sits perfectly into the feature set here. Rather than having to find your phone and pick it up to see who’s calling, it will simply tell you – so if it’s an unknown caller or someone you don’t want to speak to, you can simply ignore it and carry on with what you’re doing.

Google Phone Announce Caller ID

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Spam and robocalls seem to be ever increasing, despite attempts to filter them out. The only way to completely avoid them is to only answer the numbers you recognize – and those are saved in your phone, with a name ready to be announced.

You can set the function to only announce when you are wearing a headset, so if you have your partner saved under a cute pet name, you won’t be embarrassed by those standing next to you in the supermarket.

To activate the function, simply tap the three dots in the app to access the menu, then select Settings > Caller ID announcement.

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