Waze gets an update for iPhone and Apple CarPlay

There’s an update full of bug fixes now available for Waze

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The iPhone and Apple CarPlay version of Google-owned Waze has just received a software update.

But, short of rolling out any major new features, the update to version 7.4 is little more than a bug fix, albeit a welcome one all the same.

The changelog, posted to the iOS App Store listing for Waze, states how version 7.4 fixes a bug to ensure photos are cropped correctly when users add them to a specific place. Waze also states that “saving time and avoiding traffic is even easier with this update”.

This doesn’t sound like much, but according to AutoEvolution the update could well include more improvements, as the most recent versions of Waze released as part of the private beta programme include additional reliability and stability enhancements.

Such updates really are needed for Waze if it is to pose a true threat to Google Maps and Apple Maps. users have reported over recent months of audio errors and a loss of GPS signal. AutoEvolution gives further examples of how Waze can sometimes fail to show maps correctly, with missing streets and point-of-interest information.

These bugs are often fixed by disconnecting and reconnecting the smartphone with the car’s USB port, but we hope to see a more permanent fix via a Waze software update soon.

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