Google Maps feature opens up a world of audio fun

Google Maps will help you broaden your musical horizons to genres from across the world

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Aside from the cascading news around the iPhone 13, mind-bending rumors of Apple AR Glasses that will reimagine your vision, and the many stock crises that are threatening Android phones across the world, it's sometimes good to step back, zoom out, and get a healthy dose of feel-good tech news.

And that’s exactly what our favorite new discovery is – a planetary, green-dotted, and speckled globe, where each dot represents a playable radio station from across the world. That’s the premise of Radio Garden, a mobile and web application that lets you listen to radio stations from just about anywhere on this blue planet, developed by a non-profit Dutch radio and digital research project.

If you've ever been to another part of the country or got completely lost on vacation, but somehow remember the details of a song, its whereabouts, but have no idea how to find them, then this could be for you. 

Radio Garden is a somewhat mind-bogglingly awesome tool that will let you trawl through radio stations from whence you did once spend a holiday. It's also for those who simply want some new tunes to refresh their musical palette.

Radio Garden

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As pointed out by CBS correspondent, David Pogue, the central concept of Radio Garden has actually existed under a few guises, undergoing several design changes, while progressively adding more global stations to its roster. 

Whether it’s lockdown that is provoking people to explore alternate forms of entertainment – or just a pang of hunger for bloody good apps that deliver great musical content – Radio Garden is witnessing something of a resurgence in recent days with growing numbers of users flocking to the platform.

The tool is widely available via Radio Garden’s app for Android OS, iOS, and the website version. Spin the globe and hone in on your desired point of musical interest, explore the rest of the locale's musical offering, and sing away. 

Be that the sanguine sounds of samba from Brazil’s Rádio Jabuticabeira; Icelandic folk music from FM Trölli; perhaps, even, you may prefer the flavors of Radio Sagua from the stations of inner Havanna. Either way, it really doesn’t matter, as you can pick what you want to listen to and whereabouts the sounds come from any time, any place.

Use one of our picks of the best Android phones, or a model from the best iPhones guide, to take the feel-good rhythms of international radio wherever you go. Who knows, with this trend, maybe Huawei's Petal Maps will look to do something similar after its batch of brilliant new updates that recently launched to challenge Google Maps.

Radio Garden really is as good as it sounds: working seamlessly in the app version, navigated easily with the helpful filters of country, city, and station name. You can even favorite your most listened to stations to return to as you please. It's a great way to spend some lockdown downtime and – who knows – broaden your already eclectic tastes, building in a bunch of truly exotic sounds from places afar. We're certainly on board and the app has lots of mileage as new radio stations appear around the world.

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