Give your sense of balance the VR treatment with the Entrim 4D

The headphones-esque gadget works with Samsung's Gear VR headset

Virtual reality tech has proved it can really trick plenty of our senses into believing we're doing the most extraordinary of things, but that immersion still struggles to make you feel you're really there. Samsung's new Entrim 4D tech aims to do just that, affecting your sense of balance in time with the twists and turns of the software you're currently using in VR.

Designed for use with Samsung's own Gear VR headset, the Entrim 4D is essentially a set of headphones that fire messages to the nerves in the ear that control balance. This process, known asGalvanic Vestibular Stimulation, reads the position of your head in terms of the simulation's own virtual position and adjusts your sense of balance to meet the same angle. So if you're in a VR program where you're flying, the Entrim 4D will affect your balance accordingly.

Unveiled at the South By Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, the Entrim 4D is currently in a developmental stage at C-Lab, Samsung's very own experimental tech initiative. While still in its early stages, the headphones are an exciting potential innovation in the field and could help make VR an even deeper experience. Samsung says the headphones won't worsen motion sickness either, rather it will potentially reduce it thanks to the way you're inner-ear is communicating with your eyes in sync.

Source: Samsung

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