Get a front row seat to see Ed Sheeran with Apple Music and Apple TV+

Apple Music Live returns on May 10 with an exclusive performance of Sheeran's new album

Apple Music Live with Ed Sheeran
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple Music Live, Apple's live music show, returns on May 10 with a very big name: Ed Sheeran. The pop star will be showcasing his new album Subtract (technically it's "–") with a 12-piece band including the king of sad dads, Aaron Dessner of The National. 

As with previous Apple Music Live performances you'll be able to watch via Apple Music, but for the first time it'll also be streaming on Apple TV+. Apple says that all future Apple Music Live events will go on Apple TV+ too.

How to watch Ed Sheeran on Apple Music Live

Apple Music subscribers will be able to tune in live at noon PST (8pm British Summer Time) on the 10th of May via this URL. It'll be available to stream on demand on Apple TV+ and on Apple Music an hour later. There will also be extra content including behind-the-scenes footage in the Shazam app after the show. 

Apple Music Live kicked off this time last year with Harry Styles, and has since featured artists including Billie Eilish, Alicia Keys, Mary J Blige and Wizkid. You can find them and more in the Apple Music Live archive. And if you have AirPods (3rd Gen), AirPods Pro or AirPods Max you'll be able to experience the shows in Spatial Audio too.

This isn't the only chance to stream Sheeran as he promotes his new record: a four part documentary is streaming on Disney+, following Sheeran in what proves to be a particularly tough year. 

You can see the Apple Music Live trailer online here.

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