Get a cheap ebike in Halfords' Christmas sale. There's plenty of kids' bikes ready to roll as well

It's all go at Halfords, with last-minute gift ideas for riders of all ages

Halfords sale
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The Halfords sale is on now, everyone! Yes, Christmas has quite literally come early at the bike and car expert, with everything from some of the best electric bikes to a good selection of kids' bikes and scooters that would make ideal, if slightly last-minute, Christmas gifts. There's also deals on TomTom satnavs and de-icer. The latter might not make the most romantic present, but it could come in very useful in the event of a white Christmas – which looks increasingly likely.

As well as offering money off children's bicycles, Halfords is also offering a new service called Santa’s Cycle Stash. This basically means you can buy a bike but 'hide' it in your local Halfords store up to Christmas Eve. Which is easier than trying to hide it under your bed, let's face it. But first, here are some very grown up ebikes.

Halfords Carerra ebike range

The Impel im1 is 10% off for Xmas

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Carrera Impel im-1

Carrera Impel im-1 was £1,099, now £989.10 at Halfords
Giving you a saving of £109.90 – ie: 10% off – this deal takes the excellent Impel im-1 below £1,000 for the first time. It was only released two months ago! Perfect for beginners, this has a battery that will take you for up to 50 miles and only one gear, so there's very little else to worry about. The battery is seamlessly integrated into the stylish and well-crafted frame but can be removed for charging. 

Xiaomi Mi Smart folding electric bike was £1,399, now £1099 at Halfords

Xiaomi Mi Smart folding electric bike was £1,399, now £1099 at Halfords
A discount of £300 makes this nifty little folder even more of a bargain. It feels nippy and folds away to a tiny size in no time, and while the small wheels and relatively heavy weight won't make you want to bunny hop on to or off of kerbs, this is a well-made ebike that's fun and practical.

Pendleton Somerby-E

Pendleton Somerby-E was £999 Now £899.10 at Halfords
Save £99.90 – yes, that is also 10% – on this pleasing-looking step through ladies' hybrid from Victoria Pendleton's Halfords-exclusive range. Again there's a range of 50 miles, and you also receive full-length metal mudguards, chain guards and a luggage rack, for all your urban runaround needs.

Boardman HYB 8.9 E was £2,190, now £1979.10 at Halfords

Boardman HYB 8.9 E was £2,190, now £1979.10 at Halfords
You can tell just by looking at it that this is somewhat more serious proposition. As a result the price is higher, but then so is the discount – £219.90 in this case. As with all Boardman bikes, this has extremely good spec for the price,  with Shimano Deore gearing, Schwalbe tyres and hydraulic disc brakes. Most importantly, the Fazua Evation motor system is way more sophisticated than what's on the other ebikes here. You’ll feel like a champion on this. 

More Halfords sale highlights

Halfords sale

(Image credit: Halfords)

There's 10% off a huge range of e-bikes – not just the ones listed above.

Up to 40% off a range of kids and stunt scooters including the Mongoose Stance Pro Stunt Scooter.

£50 off the Carrera Impel e-scooter, making it just £349.

£30 off a range of TomTom satnavs – one for the old school driver, there

Save £30 on HDC400 Dash Cam, now only £39.

There's 20% off a range of Black Vue Cams too.

Get 10% off Joie Elevate 1/2/3 Cherry Car Seat – now only £67.50!

And last but not least, get Halfords 400ml DeIcer for only £1.50 when you buy any 5L bottle of Halfords Screenwash. Woop!

Shopping for kids' bikes? Try Santa's Cycle Stash at Halfords

Halfords sale

(Image credit: Halfords)

Halfords has a huge range of kids bikes with options for all ages, abilities and price points, and it says it has plenty in stock as Christmas rapidly approaches.

To help parents out, Halfords has also launched this handy and free new service, which lets you keep your kids' Christmas bikes in-store until Christmas Eve. Why? So your kids can't find out what you've bought them, of course! Apparently 55% of kids go hunting for their presents before Christmas, with 49% successfully finding them and ruining the surprise.

A Halfords spokesperson who like Santa Claus may or may not exist says, “We’re really excited to be able to offer our customers some great deals before Christmas so if they didn’t manage to get what they wanted in the Black Friday sale they can hopefully bag a bargain in time for Christmas.”

Research shows that 38% of parents find it very difficult to wrap a kid’s bike. Really, only 38? Well for them, Halfords has a solution: bespoke bike gift bags that 'fit bikes perfectly so they can be wrapped up perfectly for the big day.'

Halfords informs us that its top kids’ bike picks with good stock availability include the following. Halfords promises to price match on all kids's bikes via a voucher, should you find them cheaper elsewhere.

Apollo Chaos Junior Mountain Bike - 20" Wheel (age 6-9) - £165

Hyper Nitro Circus Jet Fuel BMX Bike - 20" Wheel (aged 8+) - £200

Carrera Vengeance Junior Mountain Bike - 24" Wheel (age 8-11) - £310

Voodoo Sobo Mountain Bike - 20" Wheel (age 6-9) - £350

Apollo Police Patrol Kids Bike - 14" Wheel (age 4-6) - £100

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