GDC 2016: Gear VR next in line to join the cult of Minecraft

Oculus Rift owners might not be the only people to build blocky huts in VR

Having been ported to every platform and device known to man (we wouldn't be surprised if we booted up our Sega GameGear and found a version on there too), Mojang is set to confirm that Minecraft will be trundling its way onto Samsung's Gear VR headset in the near future.

The announcement, expected to be made shortly at GDC 2016, shouldn't come as any great shock - our initial snark aside, Mojang has done a great job tailoring the simple yet addictive concept of 'Craft to everything from PS Vita to basic smartphones, and with a version already planned for Oculus Rift, the reveal of a smartphone-powered version for the Gear VR makes perfect sense.

The Gear VR is also a much more financially accessible headset so it should give users at a lower price range the opportunity to build King's Landing and the like via the medium of VR without breaking the bank wide open.

According to an official source reported by Engadget, the Oculus and Samsung partnership is getting ready to officially announce the arrival of Minecraft on VR - and with what we've already seen of the game via Oculus Rift, the potential for creativity will be just as deep and rewarding as the rich desktop and console versions. No news on when the app will drop, or pricing, but we'll keep you posted once the details emerge.

Via: Engadget

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