I can't wait for Nintendo's next super smash-hit for Switch on 20th October

Super Mario Bros. Wonder launches for Nintendo Switch on 20th October – and I can't wait already!

Super Mario Bros Wonder
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The date has arrived and Starfield is officially here for Xbox Series X. It's an oh-so-Bethesda game, no doubt, which is the exact reason why I love it – after all, the developer's Fallout series is my favourite gaming experience ever and there are a few similarities here and there between the two. 

But I've got a problem: now the sun is out in the UK I'm more interested in the outside than yet another open-world videogame adventure where I have to run around and shoot a gazillion things. That's why it's Nintendo's next major unique game release for the Switch that I'm excited to play later in the year, from 20th October.

Super Mario Bros Wonder was announced at Nintendo's last-day-in-August Direct showcase special, and I just love how Nintendo can so confidently buck a trend. Wonder is a side-scrolling platform game, a future classic in the making, with so much reference to the older Mario games that I loved when growing up and playing in the 90s. No open-world to be seen here.

Not only does Nintendo have me on the nostalgia ticket, I also love that there's still so much life in the Nintendo Switch console – despite many, many rumours about a Nintendo Switch 2 surely being just around the corner (and being more powerful than a Sony PS5). But with Zelda Tears of The Kingdom released only months previous, 2023 is proving to be a massive year for the Nintendo Switch.

Don't get me wrong, though, I can see why everyone has been losing their minds over Starfield – despite critic and user reviews not sitting at a universal 5-star level, it must be said, although Metacritic is currently at a solid 87/100 – and I suspect it'll be a game I arrive at more thoroughly later down the line when I feel as though I can give it more due time. 

But back to Mario: when Nintendo has previously released other side-scrolling platformers, such as Yoshi's Crafted World, the Japanese company has been so on point in delivering genius game designs that have universal appeal. I love that there's more life in the Switch yet – and Wonder could be its final 5-star smash hit. I can barely wait to get my hands on it...

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