First official picture of Lamborghini's all-electric sports car is released

The release will mark a significant change for the iconic Italian sports car manufacturer

A teaser image of the Lamborghini EV concept
(Image credit: Lamborghini)

Since the demand for electric vehicles kicked up a notch, we've seen a host of iconic brands opt to move some or all of their range to an electric drivetrain. One section of the market which hasn't, though, is the world performance sports cars.

It makes sense. That entire world was built on the roar of an engine and the subsequent performance benefits of a finely tuned feat of engineering under the bonnet. That's not the sort of thing many people associate with EVs.

Regardless, the world is changing, and brands are going to have to change or risk being left behind. Lamborghini have opted for the first option, with the brands' first EVs expected to hit the market by 2028.

Now, they've shared a teaser of a new concept car, which is expected to form the basis of their first all-electric model. The full unveiling is set to happen tomorrow (18th of August), which should give us a much more detailed look at the next-generation of Raging Bull vehicles.

Now granted, the teaser image itself doesn't give us a lot to go on. The silhouette is recognisable as a Lamborghini, though it's not a direct clone of anything they have in the range so far.

According to Auto Express, the car in question is expected to be a Gran Tourer style – potentially following the lineage of the Lamborghini Espada. Coincidentally, that car will enjoy its 60th anniversary in 2028. The brand is also expected to provide an electrified update to its Urus SUV, though an out and out sports EV isn't in the frame right now.

According to the same report mentioned earlier, the car is expected to utilise a new platform developed by Porsche as the base of the car. That's also expected to underpin next-gen versions of the Taycan and the Panamera from the German outfit.

I'm excited by this prospect. Historically, Gran Tourers were built to fuse performance and speed with longevity. What better inspiration could you take for a premium, performance electric vehicle?

According to Lamborghini, the platform is "technologically advanced, reliable and incredibly fun to drive," which sounds like everything you could want from a high-end Lamborghini. We'll be keeping out eyes peeled for more details as they arrive tomorrow.

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