Fed up with your calendar? This 27-inch smart alternative could be for you

Skylight's smart family calendar is designed to help the chaos of family life

Skylight Calendar Max
(Image credit: Skylight)

In today's day and age, any device or app that helps with organization is going to be a godsend. However, despite many of us relying on our calendar app, it can still be difficult managing the chaos of family life. Whether you've got a kids always rushing around, or a partner who's constantly on the go, there's now a solution on the market...

Skylight has today announced the launch of Calendar Max, a 27-inch smart family calendar that helps busy families find clarity in the chaos of daily life. Inspired by a demand for a larger screen after launching the original Skylight Calendar, the new Cal Max seamlessly syncs individual schedules, calendars and appointments. It also features chore charts, color coding, meal planning, and customizable to-do lists all in one centrally located, high-resolution touchscreen display.

Skylight Calendar Max

(Image credit: Skylight)

Cal Max, which can be updated and modified via the device itself or the free accompanying app, packs a variety of new features compared to its predecessor. Some of these include an anti-glare display, interchangeable frames to match the decor of any home, and a thin, sleek design. The device takes inspiration from upscale interior design rather than traditional tech and features rounded corners, a floating mount and the flexibility to be installed in either landscape or portrait orientations. 

Users will be able to stay prepared with precise weather forecasting for the exact time and location of scheduled events, and Sleep Mode ensures the Skylight screen goes to sleep at the same time each night and wakes up at the same time each morning.

"Families continue to tell us how our Calendar has helped to alleviate the mental load of running their household - in fact, our customers have used it to complete over 10 million chores in 2023 alone, and many couples have reached out to us calling it a ‘marriage saver.’ Since launch, we have worked tirelessly to perfect our product through real-time customer feedback, and the larger, more beautiful, and more feature-packed Cal Max is the result of that work. We believe it will quickly become the gold standard of how organized families turn chaos into clarity,” said Michael Segal, founder & CEO of Skylight.

Cal Max is available for presale today on Skylight’s website with a plastic frame for $599 or an aluminum frame for $629. The brand will begin shipping to customers this June.

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