Ever wondered where your cat goes? You need this GPS Tracker!

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Ever wondered where your cat goes? You need this GPS Tracker!
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Do you have a cat who will go out and roam for hours on end? Cats tend to be independent explorers, and are said to roam on average between 40 to 200 metres from home, with male cats roaming farther than female cats. 

If you’re worried about your cat going out and about, or you’re simply just curious about what they get up to, then you’ll love the Tractive GPS Tracker for cats.

 Tractive is a GPS Tracker that comes with a collar for your cat to wear, which will allow you to keep tabs on your tabby through live location updates. You can track your cat closely with live updates as frequently as every two or three seconds, and if you’re worried about your cat wandering into busy or dangerous roads, you can even set a ‘virtual fence’ which will alert you when your cat has gone beyond your predetermined ‘safe zones’. 

Perhaps your cat needs to move a bit more? Tractive connects to an app on your phone which can also give you a full activity log so you can see how active your cat is. How long are they out of the house and how long do they spend napping? You’ll be able to monitor their health and spot trends and changes in your cat’s behaviour to ensure they stay happy and healthy. You’ll also be able to view a full heatmap and history of your cats activity and whereabouts to see exactly where they wander off to.

The Tractive GPS Tracker is £44.99 and the collar comes free. You will also need a subscription plan to the Tractive App because they use mobile and cellular networks to send the GPS locations. 

Prices starts from £3.75 per month for a basic plan or £3.33 per month for a premium plan (yearly subscriptions only).

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