Europe's cheapest EV is coming to the UK next year

The new Dacia Spring is set to bring down the price of going electric for British drivers from 2024

Dacia Spring electric car
(Image credit: Dacia)

The Dacia Spring is currently Europe's most affordable EV and from 2024, you'll be able to buy it in the UK. That means that the argument for electric vehicles being too expensive is about to get yet another rebuff – take that Daily Mail!

Yes, the Dacia Spring currently sells in France for around €20,800 (or around £17,700), plus France's €5,000 EV bonus, taking it down to just €15,800 (or £13,500). While the UK price for the car hasn't been announced, it's likely to come in well below the MG 4, which is currently the cheapest on UK roads. 

This is not going to just be a rehash of the European version either. The new UK spec Dacia Spring is set to come with improvements in both design and equipment. The current model features a relatively small 26.8kWh battery and a 142-mile range (or 190 miles in town) and 30kW fast charging. So maybe we'll see increases here?

Dacia Spring electric car

(Image credit: Dacia)

Certainly faster charging would nice, but the Spring is designed to be a city car rather than for long distance, and Dacia says that its drivers' average daily commute is under 20 miles, making the current range more than enough. 

With more budget electric cars on their way from Skoda, VW and Volvo, the Spring will need to be competitively priced, so I expect we'll see a sub-£20k OTR here. As we get closer to 2030 more drivers are likely to be looking to make an electric their next purchase, so there will definitely be plenty of interest at the lower end of the market, as well as the more expensive offerings. 

If you have a home charger and are just looking for a small runaround, the Dacia Spring is likely to be a great option. You can register your interest in the new EV now at

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