Emma's new smart mattress beats lockdown insomnia by changing shape as you sleep

Is the Emma motion the future of smart sleep?

Emma Motion mattress
(Image credit: Emma)

Popular mattress brand Emma has added a groundbreaking, AI-powered new model to its mattress lineup. Announced today, the Emma Motion is 'The smart bed that works while you rest', by sensing how the sleeper is positioned, and adapting in response, to ensure optimal spinal alignment at all times. 

While the Emma Original and Emma Premium sit high up in our best mattress guide by delivering supreme comfort via a relatively simple design, the Emma Motion tackles something a lot more complex. 

Built into the mattress is an 'Infinite AI Sensor Mat', which uses a neural network to detect the sleeper's body position, and send a message to the base of the mattress, where there are expandable sections embedded into a HRX foam layer. These sections will expand or shrink to alter the support in different areas. 

All this is with the aim of keeping the sleeper's optimally neutrally aligned at all times – according to Emma, this is "one of the single most important drivers of sleep quality". It all sounds quite heavily mechanical, so you'll be relieved to learn it's all powered by ‘Silent Move IQ technology', which means these adjustments are silent and smooth. 

Emma Motion mattress

(Image credit: Emma)

That's not all. The Emma Motion also makes use of new 'Diamond Degree' foam. While most memory foams have a tendency to trap heat from the sleeper's body, making them uncomfortably warm in milder weather, this new foam includes millions of graphite particles that regulate the temperature.

The Emma Motion will launch this month in France and the Netherlands, with rollout to other countries throughout the year (no word yet on when it'll come to the UK and US).

Ruth Hamilton

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