Dyson Supersonic hair dryer: 5 reasons why your hair needs it, pronto

Looking for a hair dryer that dries quickly without using extreme heat? The Dyson Supersonic does exactly that for a range of hair types

(Image credit: Dyson)

For years we’ve had a love-hate relationship with hair dryers – we need them to dry our hair, obviously, but hate the damage some cause through their use of extreme heat. Luckily, that changed when Dyson launched its Supersonic hair dryer.

This award-winning beauty tool not only dries hair fast, it does so quietly and without using harmful extreme heat. But the Supersonic hair dryer is more than just a standard dryer – it’s an ideal choice for all hair types. Here’s why you need one in your life… 

1. The Dyson Supersonic dries hair fast

Compared to the fun styling bit, drying your hair is boring, but that doesn’t mean it should take ages too. That’s why we love the Dyson Supersonic: it dries hair quickly. And on those days when you’re late for work, or you have to pull off a speedy transformation from work hair to glam for client drinks, every second counts. 

The Dyson digital motor V9 is the power behind the Supersonic speed. The motor looks teeny, sure, but on average it’s six times faster¹ than most other hair dryer motors. That’ll make a difference to your morning routine, helping you claw back time for the rest of your beauty regime… Or to savour your morning Matcha.  

2. And it dries without using extreme heat

Finally, a hair dryer that gets the job done quickly and without frying our hair to within an inch of its life; frizz can be troublesome enough on its own without a far-too-hot hair dryer making things worse.

Not only is the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer fast drying and gentle on hair, it offers controlled styling too, enabling you to achieve a better blow dry without hitting the salon.

This more controlled form of styling is possible because of the digital motor V9 working in harmony with Dyson’s Air Multiplier tech. Together they produce a high velocity jet of controlled air, so there’s zero chance of you looking like you’ve just stepped out of a wind tunnel and every chance of you looking perfectly polished.

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer in silver with fuchsia accents

(Image credit: Dyson)

3. The Dyson Supersonic has built-in heat protection

It’s true. The Supersonic hair dryer’s intelligent heat control measures the dryer’s heat temperature over 40 times a second. That sounds intense, but it does so to prevent extreme heat damage to your tresses.

There’s a beautiful bonus to this too: Dyson’s heat control protects your hair’s natural shine. How? Extreme temperatures can make small pores appear within each hair strand. Such pores scatter light and make your hair look duller. The Dyson doesn’t create those pores, so you strands sit flatter and reflect light better.

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4. It has attachments for various hair types

Never thought you’d see the day when one hair dryer could show your curls and waves just as much love as your poker straight locks? Well, that’s why you need to become better acquainted with the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer.

It comes with a range of attachments, some of which have been re-engineered and refined since the hair dryer’s initial launch. These include the Dyson Smoothing nozzle that dries and styles simultaneously, directing a wide yet smooth airflow at your hair to create a sleeker finish.

We also love the re-engineered Dyson Diffuser for achieving defined curls and smoother waves… all while keeping frizz to a minimum. Lucky enough to have super-thick curls or waves? The Diffuser has longer prongs to reach deeper into your hair.

The Styling concentrator has also been re-engineered, ready to become your secret weapon for styling hair one section at a time (so you won’t disturb the rest). 

5. The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is easy to use

The tech might be advanced, but there’s nothing complicated about using the Supersonic. Everything has been designed for ease of use, and that starts with the dryer itself. Dyson even placed the motor in the handle to better balance the Supersonic’s weight and shape.

There are three speed settings and four heat settings to explore. And the best part? Each of the attachments are magnetic, so you can pop them on and off in a flash. This makes the Dyson Supersonic one of the easiest and most effective hair dryers around.

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is available to buy now in Fuchsia from John Lewis for £299.99, and comes with a two-year guarantee.

You can also buy the Dyson Supersonic in Black for £299.99.

¹Independently tested on real hair against top 20 best-selling hair dryers. December 2018.