Drones are going to start delivering Switzerland’s post

Amazon bites the dust as the Swiss prepare for take-off

The era of drone delivery will kick off this summer, not by Amazon but Switzerland's postal services. Yep, indeed the Swiss will take to the skies in a matter of weeks to start trialling its drone delivery tech.

The Swiss Post has teamed up with drone company Matternet, in a bid to be one of the first organisations to implement drone delivery.

With a fleet of Matternet ONE drones, Swiss couriers will start trials in different locations this summer. If the first stage of testing is successful, then two more trial periods would be required before the project could be fully operational.

“With drone technology, we are testing a possible means of transportation of the future already today,” Dieter Bambauer, Head of Post Logistics at Swiss Post, said.

Matternet seems like the perfect partner for the Swiss. It previously tested its drones in Haiti where it delivered medicine and supplies to inaccessible areas and has already flown more drone hours than anyone else in the world.

The ONE quadcopter is capable of carrying cargo up to 1kg in weight over distances of up to 20km (12.4 miles) on a single charge. The drones will initially be used to transports small items like medicine and documents.

Matternet CEO, Andreas Raptopoulos, said: “We are extremely excited to bring Matternet ONE to Switzerland, one of the most technologically-advanced countries in the world, and discover how this new transportation paradigm will bring tremendous value to our partners, their customers and the country at large.”

We all thought Amazon would be first to crack drone deliveries - the retailer has been working on its Prime Air tech for a while now. Despite having US trials approved, it's still unclear when its drones will actually take to the skies.