Don't lose your Apple Vision Pro as Find My won't work

Keep track of it at all times

Vision Pro on a flight
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You might think It's hard to misplace something that lives on your face but my track record for losing important items is unparalleled. Couch cushions, car seats, trains and even planes aren't safe from my ability to carelessly forget AirPods or phones. I am genuinely a bit worried. 

That (as well as the $3499 price tag and US-only availability) is why I am not investing just yet in Apple's VR revolution. Especially as you won't get any help locating a missing headset. 

According to Apple's own site, the only Find My feature that functions on the Vision Pro is the Activation Lock. This will stop anyone from using the headset without your password and Apple ID, but then still you need to find it yourself. Oh, but don't forget your password because you might have to go back to an Apple Store to reset it. 

Apple Vision Pro

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Why the lack of Find My support is the case isn't obvious but some have speculated that it's because the device lacks an internal battery. Admittedly with its limited 2-hour battery life, you'd have to be pretty quick to track the headset via Find My, but a last known location would still be pretty handy. 

The Apple Vision Pro only launched on February 2nd so hopefully, no one has lost one yet. Of course, theft is also sadly a concern for expensive technology and it's disappointing that the Vision Pro doesn't have more in the way of anti-theft measures. As for AppleCare+, while this might cover stolen iPhones, there is no theft cover in the plan for the Vision Pro. It's still probably worth taking out a plan however as repair costs otherwise could be very hard to swallow.

Despite these concerns, the Apple Vision Pro seems to be a genuinely mind-blowing take on VR, even if it doesn't offer the true passthrough experience many expected. 

Andy Sansom
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