Don’t buy AirPods Pro until after this date – here's why

Don't buy Apple's top-spec earbuds today – here's why you should wait

AirPods Pro review
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Since the very first AirPods launch, Apple's earbuds have gone from strength to strength, with the AirPods Pro the top-end models you can buy right now... but you shouldn't buy a pair. At least you shouldn't buy right now anyway. 

Why? Because on the 7th September Apple's next major event will kick off (at 18:00 UK time, if you're tuning in). At that showcase it's believed Apple will announce the next generation of AirPods, the aptly named AirPods Pro 2. There's likely to be some other kit too, such as the iPhone 14 series.

So top tip: if you're thinking of buying AirPods Pro then you really shouldn't. When their follow-up is announced on 7th September and the on-sale date is known (presumably two weeks later?), it's likely that the originals will become available for a cut of the price. 

That'll then be your chance to begin browsing discount options – and I suspect the older, original AirPods Pro may become the savviest buy of the lot, if you're ok to forego the AirPods Pro 2's new features

Why it's worth waiting to buy new AirPods

AirPods Pro review

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Rumours suggest that AirPods Pro 2 will bring high-resolution streaming, upping the kind of quality that will be achievable if you're connected to a good source.

Otherwise, based on what we're hearing about the AirPods Pro 2, Apple isn't going to make giant changes. As highlighted in T3's master feature, we say: "Apple may be famous for its Think Different slogan, but we’re not expecting it to think too different for the AirPods Pro 2. Shorter stems and a design slightly closer to that of the Beats Fit Pro appear to be the only dramatic change."

It's not long now until the next Apple event on 7th September, so I'd strongly suggest awaiting all the official announcements before looking to buy new earphones from Apple. And if the newest AirPods Pro 2 don't appeal then I'm sure buying the older AirPods will be a savvy move for many. Especially given their lower price expectations. 

As you can see from the widget embedded below, the AirPods Pro are currently under the £200 mark. The AirPods Pro 2 are rumoured to be £249 or more, so there's a solid saving to be had from the older and still stellar model. That cash could help pay your energy bills this winter, too...

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