Disney+ UK price hike is the news you didn't want to hear. Act now to lock in the current price

Disney Plus is winning 2021's streaming battle: book your place before the price hike

Disney Plus
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The streaming wars are ramping up with Disney Plus boosting its adult fare through the UK launch of new brand, Star. With a universal price hike in tow, it's a good idea to strike while the iron is hot and grab the cheaper rate until 2022. 

Disney Plus is hoping to capture the hearts of new and existing streamers amid fierce competition from Netflix in the year to come. 

Sign up for Disney Plus before the price hike

Sign up for Disney Plus before the price hike
You can sign up to Disney Plus for just £5.99/$6.99/ AU$8.99 per month, or a discounted £59.99/ $69.99/ AU$89.99 for the whole year. Disney Plus has stopped its free seven-day trial, but a month's membership will give you access to a huge library of new and classic movies and shows, and the deal just got better with the addition of Star.

As of February 23, the new monthly rate will be $7.99 / £7.99 / AU$11.99, or annually at $79.99 / £79.90 / AU$80.99, which is a small but not insignificant increase over the current monthly fee of $6.99 / £5.99 / AU$8.99. Existing users who are already on monthly or annual subscriptions can retain their respective country’s rate for six months, ending this year on August 23.

This does mean an incoming price hike for users. But, fear not: to dodge the price jump, monthly subscribers should switch over to an annual subscription now so you can put off paying the new price until 2022. It's a small workaround, but does extend the better price for the time being.

The price increase comes as Disney Plus readies the UK for the launch of its new brand with two Star originals in ‘Big Sky’ from David E. Kelley, which runs on ABC in the U.S., and ‘Love, Victor’. 

Other shows like 24, Lost, The X-Files, and a delectable selection of the Die-Hard movies will pave the way for more adult-friendly content, locking horns with Netflix which is upping the ante with a new bout of British shows.

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