Destiny iPhone app launched

Activision launch Destiny app for Bungie's epic shooter adventure

Activision has launched an iPhone and Android app for Bungie's epic science-fiction-themed persistent world shooter Destiny

Activision have launched a smartphone app for its forthcoming online science fiction shooter, Destiny.

We're rather unaccustomed to receiving press releases written in German, but Activision sent us one this morning concerning its unveiling of an app on both Google Android and Apple iOS for Bungie's persistent world shooter. Thank heavens for Google's online translator.

"BECOME A LEGEND", the press release reads.

"Create now your personal profile and benefit from many extras. The app connects you with your friends and the Bungie news feed. Besides, you're one of the first to get all the updates to Destiny and are always up to date."

The app is available on both the Apple iTunes and Google Android stores and is absolutely free. Once you download it, you'll be prompted to log in via Facebook, Twitter, PSN or Xbox Live, Once you've done that you'll be given access to media and a link to pre-order the game.

The app also contains links to handy things like screenshots and videos of concept art for the game as well as a video-documentary with Project Director, Jason Jones, who talks "about his vision and the creative process behind Destiny, Bungie's most ambitious project".

The press release, unfortunately doesn't contain any new information concerning the release date for the game, but it reiterates Bungie's assertions that Destiny will be made available on PS3, Xbox 360 and the next-generation PS4 console.