Dell, Acer and Asus to pull out of Android tablet race?

Taiwanese tipsters suggest companies may abandon tablets

Several big-league computer producers may be abandoning Android tablet manfacturing, according to Taiwanese tech-insiders Digitimes

According to the report, Digitimes has heard from component suppliers that companies including Dell, Asus and Acer have slashed their orders for tablet parts in 2012.

Speculation in the report suggests that competing with the likes of Apple and its iPad and Amazon's new low-price Kindle Fire tablet isn't viable for companies producing a bevvy of similarly-specced, similarly-priced Android tablets, and that the companies may be giving up on making tablets altogether. However, the more likely, less doom-and-gloom explanation is that these companies are holding off on producing Android tablets so that they can start production on Windows 8 tablets when the new OS is released next year.

Michael Dell said back in October that Dell was "very aligned with Microsoft around Windows 8", hinting that the company might be working to put the next iteration of Windows onto a slate. He also told journalists that Android "has not developed to [Dell's] expectations." With Windows 8 slated for a release sometime in 2012, here's hoping the new breed of tablets may be just around the corner.

Source: Digitimes, The Guardian