Creative's new Sound Blaster E series amps up your mobile devices

Wub wub wub...

Up your groovy jams (is that what the kids say now?) with the latest Sound Blaster audio fare...

Creative has just unveiled its brand new Sound Blaster E-series, ampy tech hell-bent on boosting audio across all your mobile wares.

The audio firm's latest line-up comes in the form of two new products - the Sound Blaster E3 and the Sound Blaster E1.

The former is an external sound card and amp that should boost the audio on your PC or Mac.

Creative's E3 also comes with its own dedciated Control Panel software which gives users free rein over audio enhancement technology.

It ships with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, and will keep beaming goodness to computer for a lengthy 8 hours.

The E1 is the E3, but designed for teenier devices - namely headphones. It's also good for PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets too, mind.

Just like the E3, the E1 will act as an external sound card that offers up a raft of customisable audio options, as well as amping up your beats.

With the Sound Blaster E series, you could be almost as happy as this guy.Almost.

Enticingly, the E1 comes with a promise of 25 hours of battery life - good news for power-user audiophiles.

You'll also find a built-in microphone for voice calling, although persistent nattering might chunk that battery a smidge faster.

Long Chye Low, Creative's GM for Sound Blaster, reckons the growing mobile market has created opportunities for 'on the move entertainment experiences'.

"With the Sound Blaster E series, we are not only able to enhance the PC audio experience, but have gone beyond it," explains Low.

"These devices capitalise on our high-end audio expertise, and give smartphone and tablet users the opportunity to experience uncompressed audio quality while on the go."

Both devices are available now, with the Sound Blaster E1 marking up at a fair £39.99, while the E3 comes in a bit higher at £99.99.