Chromecast with Google TV owners just got a cool free upgrade

Anyone who uses a Chromecast with Google TV can customise the experience from today

Chromecast with Google TV
(Image credit: Google)

If you own one of Google's excellent Chromecast streaming devices then you've already got a pretty sweet TV watching setup.

But things can always be improved upon and Google is releasing an update for Chromecast that makes the whole experience more personal. 

According to a tweet from Google, Chromecast users across the world will now be able to take advantage of personalised screensavers, showing sports scores, the weather, news, and more.

The feature is available for Chromecast with Google TV.

Google explains a little more about the feature on its support page, including how to set it up and change the screensavers. At the moment, users can do one of three things, but Google says this will expand over time.

As Android Central notes, Google showed off a version of this feature in October last year but the overall UI seems to have developed a lot since then.

Google says the feature is on by default, meaning that all Chromecast users can take advantage right now. If you don't want that, turn it off by going to Settings > Accounts & Sign in > Google Account > Google Assistant before selecting Never show proactively.

Max Slater-Robins

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