Chord, blimey! Award-winning headphone DAC drops to lowest-ever price

The Chord Mojo 2 has £100 off in flash sale, now at its lowest-ever price

Chord Mojo 2 deal
(Image credit: Future / Chord)

When it comes to the best headphone DACs (that's digital-to-analogue converter, for the uninitiated) there's one British champion that towers above all others: Chord. 

And in a very British-only deal – except you needn't queue up for this one – the company's award-winning DAC, the Chord Mojo 2, has a stonking £100 off in this flash summer sale. 

That takes the usual £495 asking price down to a much more appealing £395, so if you're looking to buy some of the best wired headphones and want an awesome headphone amp/DAC accompaniment then this is a stellar option.

Chord Mojo 2: was £495,now £395 at

Chord Mojo 2: was £495, now £395 at
One of the best headphone DACs ever made, and great-looking to boot, this flash sale of £100 off is a great summer steal.

Chord Poly 2: was £495, now £395 at
What's this, a double deal? Yup, the add-on streaming module for Mojo also has a £100 discount!

As we said in our Chord Mojo 2 review: "If you’re interested in turning your computer (or your tablet, or smartphone) into a source of genuinely impressive-sounding music when paired with great headphones, well, don’t look any further. It's perfect for pairing with hi-res/lossless tiers from streaming services, or for making the most of your own hi-res collection." Can't say better than that, eh?

Except there's more! It's a double-whammy deal, with Chord also chopping £100 off the Chord Mojo 2's partner in crime, the Chord Poly, which clips onto the DAC and acts as a streaming model. Talk about the ultimate upgrade.

While the Mojo 2 isn't as readily portable as, say, a USB DAC, it's still a great-looking and pocket-sized option that will suit plenty of buyers looking for a high-end audio solution. There's no end date on this deal, but I suspect it'll be a first come, first served while stocks last, so you best get shopping...

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