Bass Trunkies blend art, retro travel gear, and pounding bass seamlessly

Check out these spiffing suitcase speakers

How about amping up your next trip to the Cornwall coast with one of these bass-boosting travel cases?

Bass Trunkies are a self-proclaimed "environmentally friendly British company" that repurposes vintage suitcases into rechargeable, portable, sound systems.

They create unique designs by hand using hard-to-find speakers and retro cases, resulting in one-of-a-kind finished products that they then sell.

Every suitcase ships with a built-in digital amp, lightweight rechargeable battery boasting an 8-hour lifespan, and a 3.5mm cable to link the system up to your smartphone or MP3 player.

"There are lots of normal portable speakers out there to choose from, but would you rather have a plain, boring, unattractive speaker system or a functional piece of art that excels in all areas - judge for yourself," says Bass Trunkies.

The speakers run at 200W of power, and are available with various options, including customised design and Bluetooth connectivity.

Bass Trunkies suitcases price roughly between £200-500, and come in a variety of bespoke designs all available from the Bass Trunkies online store.