CES 2022: HP’s beautiful new Dragonfly could be the best Chromebook yet

HP drops two new Dragonfly laptops for discerning Windows and Chromebook buyers

HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook lifestyle image
(Image credit: HP)

Looks aren't the most important thing about the best laptops, I know. But it's nice to have something that hasn't been repeatedly whacked with the ugly stick when you consider how much time you'll spend looking at it. To my eyes the HP Elite Dragonfly laptops are some of the most beautiful PC laptops you can buy, and at CES 2022 HP unveiled two new models: a Windows one and a Chromebook. They're both gorgeous but it's the Chromebook that I think is the most interesting. 

A Chromebook with cutting-edge tech

The two new models are the HP Elite Dragonfly G3, which is the successor to the five-star HP Elite Dragonfly G2, and the HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook. The latter is the first Dragonfly to run ChromeOS, and you can't accuse HP of skimping on the specifications: it has a 12th-Gen Intel processor and is the first Chromebook to support Intel's vPro for business users, and you can spec it with up to 512GB of SSD storage and 32GB of RAM. With a 51Whr battery that can charge from flat to 90% in just 90 minutes, this is a serious tool for road warriors and could well be the best Chromebook of 2022.

We're expecting the two Dragonflies to launch in March (Windows) and April (Chromebook). Pricing hasn't been announced yet but we'd expect them to cost much the same as the current models.

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