Buy Samsung speakers, get Deezer free!

Samsung partner with Deezer to promote latest audio products

Samsung is trying to tempt you into its multiroom wireless audio honeypot by offering a free and unlimited 6 month Deezer subscription.

Samsung has found a new way of plugging a select few of its audio products - by throwing in a subscription with Deezer as part of the deal.

Customers that buy speakers such as Samsung's M Series, will be treated to a free six month subscription of Deezer's Premium + streaming service.

Deezer probably isn't as well known to you as Spotify or Napster/Rhapsody, but it does have quite a few tunes on there to while away the hours to.

This announcement is fresh after a one-of-a-kind deal between Samsung and Deezer, which also provides new Samsung Galaxy S5 customers with six months worth of unlimited music.

Like other wireless streaming systems, the Samsung Shape speakers allow users to play any track from their smartphones or tablets via the dedicated app and stream it through the house over Wi-Fi.

The Deezer app, which can be found inside Samsung's own Multiroom app, and offers features like themed music playlists and sharing across social networks.

This promotion runs untilOctober 31.

By Miamii Masour