Bushnell Forge 15x56 binoculars: Are they any good?

The chunky, hi-spec Bushnell Forge 15x56 binoculars promise superior performance – but are they worth the money? We take a closer look

Bushnell Forge 15x56
(Image credit: Bushnell Forge)

In search of a big, bright set of binoculars that'll keep you busy in the backcountry? The Bushnell Forge 15x56 might be the best binoculars for you. This mighty pair of binos come with all the hearty, durable features outdoorsmen need and expect.

At the same time, they don't skimp on the high-quality details an experienced user demands, and they boast an undeniably sharp image – even in low light. Bold in size and functionality, these binoculars gather light like a boss and come with extra features for wearing, carrying, mounting, and more.

On the downside, pocket-sized these are not, and all those specs do come with a fairly hefty price tag. Read on for a closer look at what you're getting for your money, plus what the reviews say.

Bushnell Forge 15x56: Features and price

These binoculars cost more than the average pair, which makes sense given their large body, magnification, and lens specs. So what are you paying for? The first thing you'll notice about this pair of binoculars is their size. They're not nearly as convenient to carry and tuck away as the 10x magnification foldable pair – but if you're looking for something tiny and compact, head elsewhere. These binos are made for real adventure and they deliver that promise in a colossal way.

A major upgrade from the average pair, Bushnell Forge 15x56 are crafted with ED prime glass lenses that feature an ultra wide-band coating. They're also waterproof, fogproof, and dirtproof. They're built to resist scratches with an EXO lens barrier, helping them last for years to come. These lens features also ensure crisp, stunning imagery in all weather and light conditions, even at night. 

What else is there to love? There's a dielectric prism coating, which ensures vibrant color reproduction. It transmits 92% of light for optimum viewing on sunny, bright days.The rubber armor coating repels water and is soft to the touch for a comfortable hold, despite the extra weight.

They come with extra hardware that make them easy to use in all kinds of conditions, including a tripod adaptor that can mount them to the inside of a vehicle. They also incorporate a binocular harness, a protective case, an EVA case strap, a lens cloth, a top-notch padded neck strap, and a guide and instructions sheet. The harness is important, as that makes it easier to carry the weight of these binoculars with less neck strain – which could be a key complaint.

Bushnell Forge 15x56: What do the reviews say?

It seems that most people who buy these binoculars are beyond satisfied with their purchase. Most people love how great they are for hunting, because the bright, clear image makes it easy to get the perfect shot. Plus, users also mention the many perks of the accessories bundle that this pair of binoculars includes. Another favorite feature is how easy it is to personalize the view and adjust the diopter, which facilitates a fuss-free hand-off to your partner in crime.

The downside of this pair, which is hefty in price and scale, is that they may not be worth the extra oomph. Some people say the 15x56 isn't a huge upgrade from the 10x42, and they'd prefer to use the smaller pair, which offers similar optics at a lower price point. Other people note that the focus wheel can get slippery, which might not be ideal if you plan to use them in adverse weather often. 

Bushnell Forge 15x56

(Image credit: Bushnell Forge)

Should I buy the Bushnell Forge 15x56?

These binoculars undoubtedly pack a punch when used by the right person. While they'd certainly work fine for birdwatching, they're better suited for big game hunting. Birdwatchers may enjoy a smaller frame that's easier to stow away (head to our best binoculars ranking for some alternatives), while serious outdoorsmen may prefer the large size of this pair. If you want to go big and you're not worried about the price tag, opt for the Bushnell Forge 15x56.

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