Bowflex's unique leaning exercise bike lands in the UK

The VeloCore Bike looks cooler and burns more calories than a normal indoor exercise bike

Attractive young woman using the Bowflex VeloCore exercise bike in a living room
(Image credit: Bowflex)

Although the good people of the US have already been able to buy it, one of the best exercise bikes in existence, the Bowflex VeloCore Bike, is finally available on this side of the pond, too. The VeloCore Bike uses a unique tilt mechanism that lets you lean from side to side as you pedal – no wonder we gave it the maximum five stars in our Bowflex VeloCore Bike review.

It not only looks cooler to ride the VoleCore Bike, but according to research conducted by the company, you burn more calories on the bike due to the extra engagement of the core, which causes a higher heart rate during indoor cycling. This extra muscle work is said to result in 14% more energy consumption and higher muscle activation in multiple muscle groups (not just leg muscles).

Our expert reviewer noted that the riding experience is unparalleled, the lean technology is unlike anything else on the market, and the JRNY fitness platform offers a solid variety of workouts and the ability to stream your favourite shows and movies while you work out. Said shows and workouts can be viewed on the vibrant 22” adjustable touchscreen console, which is conveniently placed right at the front of the bike.

A full-body workout is guaranteed, thanks to the 100 magnetic resistance levels, ensuring every rider experiences challenging rides, regardless of their fitness level. Just turn the red dial in front of the saddle to ramp up the difficulty or ease off between pushes. The VeloCore Bike is also highly customizable; the seat is fully adjustable (an extra comfort seat is also available at additional cost), as well as the handlebars. There are Bluetooth speakers, and you'll find a couple of 3-pound  dumbbells at the back of the bike, just for good measure.

The 22-inch screen version is available exclusively at Fitness Superstore for £2,399, while the smaller 16-inch screen version can be purchased from select retailers, including Fitness Superstore and Powerhouse Fitness, for £1,999. For the best prices, visit T3's cheap Bowflex deals roundup, or check out the widgets below.

Matt Kollat
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