Bose Sleepbuds block out sounds for a superb sleep

Snorers, knocking pipes, outside racket? None of it matters with these in place

Bose, famous for creating great sounding speakers and headphones, is also a pro at noise cancellation and now it’s using that experience for its new Sleepbuds.

The noise cancellation in Bose headphones is legendary so the Sleepbuds, which aim to keep all sounds out for a silent night’s sleep, make perfect sense.

Needless to say the Bose Sleepbuds are in-ear buds meaning you’ll still be able to lie on your side and roll over during the night without discomfort. The Sleepbuds will play soothing sounds to mask external noise, enhanced by passive noise blocking eartips, which should help you get to sleep. 

There’s no need to worry about being too deep in sleep to catch your morning alarm as these have one built in. Use the accompanying app and you can be woken calmly while your partner hears nothing at all. The app also has a selection of tunes to help send you off to sleep even in noisy environments. The sounds are also pre-loaded on the Sleepbuds so they will work independently of a phone - ideal if you have yours off at night.

The Bose Sleepbuds will last two full night’s worth of sleep on a single charge and then can be charged once fully via an included travel case.

The Bose Sleepbuds, despite being the project of a major and established company, are now on Indiegogo seeking funding. Perhaps because this isn’t the usual line of product for Bose? Either way it’s raised nearly half a million dollars at the time of publishing, smashing its goal of $50,000 - so expect these to become a reality in time for shipping to start by February 2018.