Bose noise cancelling DEAL! Amazon has over £100 off QuietComfort buds

It's as if Amazon Prime Day was today and not Monday July 15

Bose QC20 deal at Amazon

Bose noise-cancelling headphones are among the best selling buds and cans you can buy, and with good reason. They're good! And while the over-ear variety may hog the limelight, Bose also makes QuietComfort 20, which are noise-cancelling in-ear buds. Hardly anybody makes in-ear noise cancelling headphones, but perhaps they should because particularly for travelling, by road, rail or flight, they are very handy indeed. Bose is starting to roll out a new generation of ANC headphones – you can pre-order its spanking new Bose 700 headphones now – and so more mature offerings such as the QC20 are often available at reduced prices. And by 'often', I mean 'now'.

• Bose QuietComfort 20 | £145 | RRP £249.95 | Save £103.95

These buds have been slightly cheaper than this in the past, and they might come down to £120 or below around Amazon Prime Day… But then again, they might not. 

Incidentally, if you favour the fuller-figured headphone, Peter Tyson remains the best, if not only, Bose noise cancelling, over-ear deal in town, with £65 off the QuietComfort 35 II in silver or black.

"Yes, I'm just hearing that there's £65 off QC35 Mk II over-ear headphones, too… Click my photo to find out more!"

Bose QuietComfort 20 | £145 | Was £249.95 | Save £103.95
The noise-quelling here is a highly impressive mix of both physical noise isolation, from having buds in your ears, and electronic noise-cancelling. Overall audio quality, as ever with Bose, is very good. Back in February, these were down to £130 so this isn't the best price ever, but a discount of over £100 on Bose noise cancelling headphones is not something to complain about.

Android owners have some cause for complaint, as the QC20 buds for their devices only have a £10 discount. No, we don't know why.View Deal

This deal is on the iOS-compatible QC20 buds only. The audio works fine with Android devices but the buttons do not

Most noise cancelling headphones are over-ear but these wired, in-ear buds also feature the tech, for those who prefer a less obtrusive way to block out the sounds of trains, planes and people. Bloody people. A handy side benefit of in-ear buds over on-ear headphones is that you can doze, or at least recline and rest your head, more easily with buds, and that comes into its own when being transported. Or during especially dull days in the office.

The noise cancelling on these in-ear buds is done via a (quite bulky) control box wired to the end of the buds' cable. This is easy enough to slip into your pocket alongside your phone, and it does the business in terms of defeating background noise from transport and living beings. 

You also get a carry case, charging cable and a choice of ear-tips and 'wings' to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.