BodyMedia Fit Armband unveiled at CES 2012

Latest edition to the growing fitness sector sees the Fit unveiled with calorie tracker

A BodyMedia armband monitors physical activity, calorie intake and your sleep in order to help you lose those extra pounds – then tells you what to eat.

Having trouble losing that gut? Wish you had an easy way to monitor calorie intake and physical activity, and make sense of it all? Joining the recent influx of performance and fitness monitors BodyMedia has unveiled the FIT Armband monitor at CES 2012.

Automatically tracking the number of calories burned during your daily activities — from pumping iron to doing the dishes — the BodyMedia FIT Armband also monitors your quality of sleep, an important but often overlooked factor in weight loss.

The armband has four sensors capturing more than 5,000 data points per minute and with the Bluetooth-enabled model, this data is sent wirelessly to your smartphone. BodyMedia has promised that the FIT will capture your calorie burn with 95% accuracy, and that the information can be easily managed through an online Activity Manager.

Further enhancing the FIT's wellbeing credentials and in a move similar to the recently released Jawbone Up users can log what they eat, the quality of your diet and how many calories you consume, and if you follow the advice and directions of BodyMedia, you should see the pounds trickling off in no time.

At CES the company is launching BodyMedia FIT coach; a software upgrade providing a personalized feedback system capable of recommending activity and dietary adjustments based on your actual calorie expenditure and food intake for the day.

BodyMedia FIT armbands are only available in the US and Canada but more or less identical models can be purchased in the UK under the brand name Ki Fit.