BMW is bringing casual gaming to its dashboard display

Turn waiting time into gaming time with BMW's in-car entertainment system

BMW AirConsole in-car gaming
(Image credit: BMW)

If like me you spend a lot of time in your parked car wondering when your friends or family members will finally be ready, or if you get bored waiting for your EV to charge, then BMW has the tech for you: starting next year, you'll be able to turn your new BMW's dashboard into a big-screen gaming display.

BMW has teamed up with AirConsole, which enables you to control its games with your phone while they run on the in-car entertainment system. Provided your BMW has the BMW Curved Display, setting it up is as simple as scanning a QR code with your phone.

In-car gaming could be a really big deal

Given that modern cars, and electric ones in particular, are essentially computers with wheels, using their tech for gaming during non-driving downtime seems like a pretty obvious thing: you've been able to do it in Teslas for ages, but BMW's approach uses your phone rather than the steering wheel to control the on-screen action.

AirConsole isn't exclusive to BMW, although this is its first automotive partnership. It also has apps for Android TV, Google Chrome, Google TV and Amazon's Fire TV, so you can get a good idea of the kinds of games that'll be available: it focuses on quick-hit games, many of them multiplayer, and it's very much a casual gaming service rather than a rival to the likes of Xbox Game Pass

That means you shouldn't expect to be playing GTA 6 in your 2023 BMW M3, but you can expect other car firms to add gaming to their in-car entertainment system in the next few years.

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