Amazon's next big budget sci-fi series has found its main star

From Star Trek: Discovery to Blade Runner 2099

Star Trek: Discovery (Michelle Yeoh)
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Michelle Yeoh has taken a lead role in the forthcoming Blade Runner 2099 TV series to be screened by Amazon Prime Video.

The movie spinoff has recently started in production after delays caused by the writers strike.

Even though Fallout has proved to be a huge success, having broken numerous viewing records for Prime Video, Amazon is not resting on its laurels. It already has another huge sci-fi series up its sleeve, and this one could turn out to be even more popular.

Blade Runner 2099 was first announced at the end of 2021, with Amazon picking up the Ridley Scott produced TV sequel the following year. Production started last month (April) and it has now been revealed that the superb Michelle Yeoh will play a lead role.

Yeoh is no stranger to science fiction, having starred in multiple series of Star Trek: Discovery as Philippa Georgiou. She is also set to reprise the role in a spinoff movie, Star Trek: Section 31 for the Paramount+ streaming service.

Then, of course, she won an Oscar for her lead role in Everything Everywhere All at Once. So she'll have no trouble stepping into the shoes of suspected replicant Olwen in the TV follow-up to Blade Runner 2049, as reported by Variety.

Little else is really known about the show so far, save for the fact that it is set 50 years after the events in the last movie.

Scott previously announced that a pilot had been written and the show's bible (for the production to follow) existed. However, it was also recently revealed that filming will start in Prague soon.

Amazon Prime Video will be the exclusive home for Blade Runner 2099 when it finally hits our screens. Considering how much effects work will be needed, it could be a fair while before it's ready, however.

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