Gosh, that half price Bose QC25 noise cancelling headphone deal is back again!

Better-than-half-price deal on QuietComfort 25 noise cancelling over-ear headphones is sweet music to the ears of bargain hunters (again)

Bose QuietComfort 25 deal

The Bose QC25 is a wired, noise-cancelling pair of headphones from Bose that was and incredible deal, on special offer at the end of last year. Then it no longer was on special offer so we rather assumed Bose and Amazon had dumped all remaining stocks. But now the deal is back, back, back. And by my admittedly shaky maths, this is better than half price

• Bose QuietComfort 25 was £289.95 now £139.95. Save £150 at Amazon UK

Are you an American? There are savings to be had in your country, too!

• Bose QuietComfort 25 was $299.95 now $198. Save $101.95 at Amazon.com 

Android users only get a less impressive £51 off, but there is a solution

Bose QuietComfort QC25 for iOS | £139.95 | Was £289.95 | Save £150
The QC25 shares the businesslike look and comfortable feel of Bose's wireless QC35. The noise cancelling is excellent and because they're wired, they will carry on working after the battery (1x AAA battery, actually) runs out, albeit without noise cancelling. For less that £140, they are a steal. Oh, and Amazon is also offering the option of paying in 5 monthly instalments of £27.99. You can buy an Android-specific cable to replace the one that is included here, allowing you to make calls and control your tunes with the in-line remote – see below.View Deal

Even without the advanced processing of the QC35, Bose's noise-cancelling is still able to turn down the volume of planes and public transport, and does a decent job of reducing more testing, office- and street-type noise. 

Audio quality and comfort are excellent, and a single AAA battery (one is included) will last up to 35 hours. Unlike its Bluetooth brethren, you can then continue to listen to music on the QC25, although you'll lose the noise cancelling. 

The QC25 folds up to a pleasingly compact size. A carry case is also included, as is one of those old-school airplane adaptors with two jacks. 

There's only one slight catch and it's that you need the inline remote to be specifically tailored for either iOS or Android devices, in order to work. And for whatever reason, only the iOS one has had this price cut. 

If you are an Android owner and only want to use the QC25 for music and not to make and receive calls, you may be able to live with this. What's that? You can't? Here is the answer, courtesy of T3 reader Ben:

• Buy an Android QC25 cable from Bose for the strangely precise sum of £21.95